Peace of Mind with Permanent Health Cover

I have been running my business from home for a number of years now.  It started small and then gradually I was able to increase its turnover so that today I have a flourishing company and an income that supports my family comfortably. I am entirely reliant on the business. It’s everything I have and it worried me that should something go wrong, then I could lose the business I have spent all these years building up. Having spoken over the years to countless people about this, the one thing they were all consistently saying was that I should put some permanent health cover in place. This would pay out if I became unable to work through sickness. Eventually after years of procrastination I enquired about this and was surprised how easy it was to get cover. The peace of mind it has brought me has allowed me to spend more time thinking about the positive aspects of running a business. I’m happier knowing that I’m covered and, even more important, that my family are covered too.

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