Learning the Basics

When it comes to employee management and training, teaching your staff the basics of a lot of different assets of business will greatly improve their skill-set as well as their motivation within the company. Once each member of staff understands skills beyond their specific job role you will be able to work more cohesively as a team as well as providing cover for when some employees are off.

The reason why this is an effective business model for staff is because it teaches them about the reasons behind some of their actions on an everyday basis. Learning about some of the details behind technical aspects of the business or finance such as payroll and standing orders can give them the knowledge they need to help both clients and their colleagues when they face a problem. Mufti-skilled employees are very valuable and so is the training required to get them there, offering them the chance to move sideways between job roles can be a great way to improve productivity by finding the right jobs that people enjoy and want to do.

When it comes to finances, even just a basic understanding can greatly assist the productive flow of your business. This isn’t to say that everyone has to have access to all of the finances of the business such as reading management accounts, but it can help if each person has access to a shared folder with some details such as standing orders and payments on it. The payroll is something that needs to be kept privately among management because wage disparity can cause tensions. But when it comes to the payments of clients and customers and the shortfall of the business, trusting your employees with this knowledge will make them happier as well as offering your clients a more professional and personal approach to your business as every contact with you they make has knowledge of their account.

Technical knowledge can also help daily productivity greatly as your staff are equipped to deal with many of the simple problems that may occur throughout their day. Teaching staff not only how to fix something, but a little bit about why it has broken will enable them to apply that knowledge to fix many other similar problems and reduce the workload of technical assistants who are often strained and overworked within small businesses.

Teaching these basic skills will help your employees to see your business as a productive and growing environment with many hopes for the future both for them personally and for the business as a whole. Learning new skills and developing your CV is something that many people look for in a job, even if they have no intention of moving on, developing in this way helps them to see their job as a useful and enjoyable use of their time.

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