Direct Mail and Promotional Products

Direct mail gets bad press, yet the facts seem to speak for themselves- it works. For every person that complains about it, there will be another out there who is receptive to an offer of a product or service that is going to improve their life. As a promotional idea, it isn’t a new concept, and with the right approach it can be highly lucrative.

One of the better things about direct mail is that it is easy to measure your success, so you can feel free to try it out, maybe with a special offer of some kind, and there will be no guessing whether it is effective or not as you will be able to see from your responses if it was a worthwhile exercise. It is fair to say that it is more effective in some industries than others, but at least you won’t have to keep pouring money into it if there is no real return.

It is a fact that a lot of direct mail gets thrown without people even opening it. It’s nothing personal- people just don’t have the time to look at everything that they receive in the post. However, put something inside that envelope and most people will be curious enough to open it. Now obviously, this does limit the kind of giveaway that you can do, traditionally pens, post-its or branded key rings tend to do well though. Check out for more cool ideas, I think they have got the largest range on the net at the minute. The small outlay of a branded gift can ensure that your direct mail gets read, and gives your business a chance to market to a whole new audience.

The other way that you can use promotional gifts with direct mail is by offering something if the recipient responds to your mailing or places an order with your company. The incentive of something for nothing is usually enough to ensure that a large percentage of people will place an order with your company.

Of course, you could see how it goes and ideally mix it up a bit, with something inside the envelope to ensure that it gets opened, and then the promise of something a little bigger to encourage orders. Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is not dead. It is very much alive and remains very effective at drumming up business, especially for potential clients that are without an internet connection. So give it a try and see how it goes.

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