A Short Term Solution To Financial Unexpectancies?

Can’t believe how cold it is today. When I woke up this morning there was frost inches thick on the lawn and the trees. Looks almost like it’s been snowing in the night. The weather forecast says there’s much more to come, so I’m not really looking forward to that at all. However, my real problem is the fact that after ten years of functioning perfectly well, my fridge freezer has decided to pack in just before Christmas. I came downstairs to find a puddle on the kitchen floor and the freezer starting to defrost all by itself. I’ve bagged everything up and moved it out into the hut where it’s as cold as inside a fridge, but it looks like we’ll be eating the contents over the next few days to prevent then from going to waste.

My problem is though, how am I going to afford to buy a new one so close to Christmas? Everyone seemed to want really expensive presents this year, and I think that perhaps I’ve gone over the top a little with the spending. I know that I’m almost up to my overdraft limit at the bank, and daren’t risk going over the limit on my credit card again otherwise that could affect my credit rating. It’s very embarrassing asking your parents for a loan at my age, and also I’m not sure they could afford it out of their pension. I’m going to have to find some other way of coping somehow.

I’ve decided to have a look on the internet to see what is likely to be available to me, and I’ve come across a company called Kwikcash who it seems are a pay day loan company specialising in helping out  people like me who are experiencing temporary cash shortages. It looks like the application process is really easy and all you need to do is fill out the form with the answer to some fairly basic questions and submit it to them. They can have an answer to you in less than a day and for anyone with a really urgent reason, then sometimes it can take less than one hour. That’s amazing. I seem to meet all their usual conditions. I’m over the age of 18 and I live in the UK on a permanent basis. I already have a bank account and I have a job too. Think this may be just the answer that I’m looking for.

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