Second homes in England and Wales – where are they and who owns them?

Thousands of Britons have second home across the country and abroad. Find out where they are
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We may be in a recession but 1.6m of the population of England and Wales have a second home in the country that they use for a month or more each year. That’s 2.8% of the population.

The data is from the 2011 Census and shows that another 47,733 have a second address in either Scotland or Northern Ireland.

It’s the first time the Census has asked the question, so we don’t have historic data to show how it’s changed but it does provide a fascinating insight into where people live and play across the country.

It also shows that 820,814 people who live in England and Wales (1.5% of the population) had a second address abroad, 246,000 of them are holiday homes.

The key facts are:

• 12% (188,837) of second addresses were for work and 11% (165,095) were for holiday
• Cornwall was the local authority where the greatest number of people recorded a second address. 22,997 people, usually resident elsewhere in England and Wales had a second address there which they used for 30 days or more each year
• The authorities where the highest rate of people have a second address for work are either London boroughs (including City of London, Westminster and
Kensington and Chelsea), or areas with an armed forces presence like Gosport in Hampshire
• Gwynedd had the highest rate of people with second addresses used for holidays, with 64 people from outside having such an address there for every 1,000 usual residents
• Over half of all usual residents with a second address in England and Wales were male. This was most evident for second addresses for work, where there were 2.6 males with a second address to every female with a second address

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